Ocean Law & Policy

With exceptional analytical skills, our team of experts has coordinated and directed local, state, national and international efforts to strengthen ocean conservation laws and policies. The Ocean Law and Policy Team has an established track record of providing legal, regulatory and policy expertise to the extended marine conservation community and collaborates with organizations to provide comprehensive legal and policy strategies in order to effectively advance organizational goals, leading to environmental change.

Our Services Include:

  • Conducting legal and policy research to provide facts, analyses, and ideas to decisionmakers and the public
  • Analyzing and responding to proposed legislation and administrative initiatives on oceans and fisheries policies
  • Drafting model legislation and policy proposals
  • Writing comments for proposed rulemakings, environmental impact statements and government issued policy proposals
  • Developing advocacy, scientific and technical materials and reports for the public and policy makers
  • Tracking ocean issues to identify impacts of proposed policy and legislative changes and recommend solutions for proposed changes

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