Jim W. Harper

Senior Communications Consultant

Jim Harper has more than two decades of experience in environmental communications, nonprofit management, and education. Jim joined Strategic Ocean Solutions in 2012 as a lead communications consultant on the Our Florida Reefs project. He has worked in the Middle East, Europe, and with international fellows from across the globe.

A professor and freelance writer, he recently completed a master’s degree in environmental studies from Florida International University with a focus on ocean science. In 2011 he studied the Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill in Louisiana at the Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting, and he also completed Cooper Fellow Training for climate communicators at the University of Miami. In 2006 he was selected for the Scripps-Howard Seminar for Environmental Journalism, and in 2002 he traveled across Paraguay as part of a Traveling Fulbright Program for educators. A member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, he holds a masters degree in communications from the University of Florida and a literature degree from Columbia University.

Jim lives in Miami where he enjoys swimming year round.